Not pretending to reduce the complexity of hardware development. We help you streamline the hardware design process.
Far too much time of any development cycle is lost to the extraneous communication required between stakeholders. InventHub is a collaborative design and data management platform that eliminates unnecessary communication and processes to speed up the way you build hardware products.
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"This is a great space to be working on - I've wanted tools like this as a HW engineer for a long time."
"This is amazing... Something like InventHub is a clear requirement for gadget pipelines."
"InventHub looks fantastic... So nice to see a visually-oriented solution"
- community user
Cloud-based, collaborative hardware data management solution that does it all.
We're sure you, and basically all hardware engineers, already know just how difficult it is to efficiently collaborate in hardware development, especially remotely. So we decided to build a standardized, collaborative design and data management solution that will manage every aspect of the hardware design process for you, let you work in tandem with all project stakeholders and really cut down on lead times.
If you're still not sure why cutting down on excess communication and developing better processes for collaboration are important, read on:
Engineers spent nearly 52% of their time on non-design/engineering work.
-Tech Clarity
"I spent so much of my time during that project just searching for the right components or data sheets. Barely any time doing real innovation."
Not the first time we've heard that. The hardware sector is full of such stories, engineers do end up spending far too much time looking for parts, specs or data. None of that work ends up adding any real value to the project, and that's a problem. Not only do the engineers get less time on actual innovative engineering work, they also risk losing motivation and the drive needed to create groundbreaking products.
Checking ten different apps to see who gave feedback to your design where, is just inefficient.
Whether its email, instant messaging apps, feedback spreadsheets or even phone calls, having multiple points of contact for work-related communication adds inefficiency to processes. What if a time-critical decision doesn't get made because someone forgot to check that one app where you put in a query about your latest PCB design? Centralized, necessary communication only is the solution for the hardware design and review process.
Work, iterate and innovate without worrying about losing previous versions.
Let's face it, version control is still not adopted industrywide and that's a problem. Why stifle iteration, testing and innovation because reverting changes would be a chore? InventHub implements visual version control and gives you a detailed, granular look at all changes by all stakeholders, with the ability to revert at any point. So go on, innovate to your heart's content!